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Troubleshooting Security File Conversion and Posting

What causes the partial or error status?

When a security file has a partial status, similar to the example below, at least one security did not post. Possible causes of the error are a fixed security is missing a maturity date or an option security is missing an expiration date. If you do not post the security, neither price nor the transaction will post, causing other partially posted files and reconciliation problems.

How do I correct it?

  1. Right-click on the partial file and select Go To Details.

    Note: You can also select the file and click the Go To Details button.

  2. In the details of the file, double-click on the status column heading. This should bring all the securities with an Error status to the top of the window, similar to the example on the right.

  3. Select the security with the error status, and then click the Go To Details button.

  4. Generally, the cause of the error status is a missing maturity date. In the Maturity Date field, enter the maturity date of the security.

    Note: You can also see this message if an Option is missing an expiration date. 

  5. Click the Save button, and then close the details of the security.

  6. Select the security with the error status, and then click the Post button to post the security.

  7. Repeat steps 2 through 6 until all the securities are posted and the file has a posted status, as shown on the right.

  • If the file is not in a Posted status after following the above steps, select the security in the details with the error status and try posting it individually to determine the cause of the error.
  • Press F5 to refresh the view after you close the window.

Need additional support?

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