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Troubleshooting Price File Conversion and Posting

What causes the partial or error status?

When a price file has a partial status, similar to the example below, at least one price did not post. Usually, a price does not post when the corresponding security is not defined.

How do I correct it?

First, make sure all previous security files have a status of Posted or None. If the security files have a Pending, Partial or Error status, see Troubleshooting Security File Conversion and Posting for tips on how to correct these issues.

If all previous security files have a Posted status, you must define the security manually. Follow the steps below to determine the security symbol you need to define:

  1. Right-click on the Partial price file, and then select Go To Details, as shown to the right.

  2. Double-click the status column heading to sort all the prices by status. All prices with an error status appear at the top of the window, similar to the example on the right.

    Make a note of the security symbol.

  3. If the security is a new security, define it manually.

    If the security has the same description as another security, it could be a temporary symbol and it might indicate a corporate action (like a merger or spin-off). For this situation, you have two options:
    • Map the temporary symbol to the ticker symbol.
    • Combine the temporary symbol with the ticker symbol.
  4. After you have defined the security, try posting the partial price file again.

Need additional support?

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