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Troubleshooting Portfolio File Conversion and Posting

What causes the partial or error status?

When a portfolio file has a partial status, similar to the example above, at least one portfolio did not post. Usually, this situation is attributed to one of two factors:

  • One or more portfolios in the file has an Update status. The update status means that some of the information in the portfolio details is different in the interface than in PortfolioCenter. See File Status for more information about the Update status.
  • A new portfolio does not post because it is either missing a last name or a company name, which PortfolioCenter needs to define the account number.

How do I correct it?

Follow the steps below to correct the missing last name issue:

Right-click on the partial portfolio file, and then select Go To Details, as shown to the right.

Double-click the status column heading to sort by status. All portfolios with an error status should appear at the top of the list, similar to the example on the right.
In most cases, the company name field is populated, but the display name is set to Last Name, First Name. To correct the issue, either change the display name to Company Name or enter the company name in the Last Name field.
Click the Save button to save the changes, and then close the details.
Select the Error portfolio, and then click the Post button.
Repeat for all portfolios that have an error status.
Press F5 to refresh the view. The date should now have a Posted status.

Need additional support?

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