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Even experienced users have questions about our products. In addition to technical support available over the phone, you can also tap into our knowledge base by using our online troubleshooting tools. We give you answers to common user questions and help you resolve issues you may encounter using our software.


Preparing performance reports is a complex process, and occasionally you can encounter a return that seems incorrect or is missing altogether. This section helps you troubleshoot report and interval calculations, guiding you through the troubleshooting process step-by-step.

TroubleshootInterface File Conversion

Although most files post correctly, you can encounter a file with an error or warning message. This section guides you through the most common reasons for the error or warning messages and provides suggestions for correcting the file conversion problem.

TroubleshootInterface Reconciliation

Even with day to day use of the interface reconciliation report, you can occasionally encounter reconciliation situations that you do not recognize or that you have a hard time resolving. This troubleshooting tool will help you resolve the most common reconciliation issues.

TroubleshootNetwork Connectivity

The PortfolioCenter Network Connectivity Troubleshooting tool helps you resolve some network connectivity issues you might experience when using PortfolioCenter including those that stem from Microsoft Windows software updates or from third-party firewall and anti-virus applications.

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