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If you are a new user, we want you to see the benefits of your PortfolioCenter system as quickly as possible. In addition to our technical support team and user manuals, we also provide implementation services, comprehensive Implementation Guides, training videos, and a wide array of online resources to help you get PortfolioCenter installed and set up quickly.

Be sure to visit our Training and Consulting section to learn about all the training options ranging from complimentary videos to customized onsite consulting.

Implementation Checklists and Forms

Implementation Documents and Resources

The following resources include step-by-step instructions and best practices you'll need to get the PortfolioCenter database set up effectively.

  • System Administration. Learn about configuration options and the installation process.
  • Interfaces. Importing custodial data is a powerful time saver. See the most effective ways to use the custodial interface feature in PortfolioCenter.
  • Data Entry and Organization. There may be times when you have to manually enter portfolio, security, price or transaction data or supplemental information that can help you be better organized.
  • Preparing for Performance. Performance calculations show changes in portfolio value and help you better communicate to your clients the overall health of their investments.
  • Billing. Creating management fees in PortfolioCenter can help you provide your clients with returns that are net of management fees, providing them with a higher level of precision in their portfolio’s return.
  • Models and Rebalancing. Rebalancing a portfolio can help you stay on track with managing overall performance. Get more information about the model and rebalancing options in PortfolioCenter.
  • Client Presentations and Reports. Use these tools to effectively communicate with your clients about their portfolios, or to help you manage and troubleshoot the information in your PortfolioCenter database.
  • Database Maintenance. Once you have the data in place, you need to protect it. Find out how to secure and back up your data.

Supported Technologies

Important Information on Operating Systems

See the Operating Systems page for more information.

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Training & Consulting

Get the most out of PortfolioCenter

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  • Get live instruction via conference call
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